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This spell-binding “space and time machine” is back in orbit again over the Villa Torlonia’s educational play centre, providing people with  a wealth of exciting opportunities to explore the heavens.  Young astronomers, adult adventurers, families and students can launch themselves into the depths of the cosmos and uncover the secrets of the stars, comets and galaxies.

In the run-up to the re-opening of Roma Capitale’s Planetarium, and the Museum of Astronomy – gems of the Public Museum System under the umbrella of the Capitoline Supervisory Body – temporarily closed for structural work to bring the building up to code, - the extensive    programme of live events and astronomical observations of the museum in Piazza Agnelli will be taken over by the transportable blow-up planetarium that is a reproduction of the huge dome in the EUR district of Rome. Its base camp is in Technotown, set up in the Sala del Consiglio, providing the educational and play centre with even more activities and themed itineraries. Technotown, the technological and scientific educational play centre is the perfect location for this event. Run by Roma Capitale’s Department for Schools, Children, Youth and Equal Opportunities, it is aimed at young people between 8 and 17 years of age.  It is quite unique and at the forefront of Italy’s “edutainment” projects dedicated to new technologies and experimental trails encompass nature and science. Villa Torlonia is not the only venue, and forays into the cosmos will also be organised from other cultural centres in Rome, aimed at highlighting the play between the heavens and the city by means of infinite connections with the stars, but even more importantly, confirming the synergy between the various scientific and cultural institutions of Roma Capitale.  All planetarium activities are promoted by Roma Capitale’s Department for Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura.

The structure: the “blow-up planetarium” as it is commonly known, has all the space contained within a 6m long diameter with a projection system similar to the one already in use in the large (14 m) dome of the Rome Planetarium. The entire structure can be easily transported and set up somewhere else.  Operated by means of a digitally controlled command system in the optic apparatus (redesigned by the Planetarium’s scientific staff), the planetarium also has its own amplification system and a video-projector used to show supplementary audio-visual material 
The blow-up planetarium can hold up to 30 people at a time.
The blow-up structure of the planetarium means, regrettably, that it is not suitable for wheelchair users and children in prams etc..  Access for the disabled is possible only if achievable with assistance from a companion or partner.  For further information, please contact the call centre 060608 between 9 am and 7 pm daily.

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